Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Into The Woods" Act I


Every now and then an extraordinarily rare thing happens in show business: the sea parts, the sky opens up, the ground rumbles and fractures, and we get two consecutive days off!
Carpe diem! BwayBites recently experienced one of these unusual turn of events...and take advantage of it, we did! We packed our bags and hit the road, our destination: Adam's family's cabin in the enchanting woods of Berkshires, Massachusetts.

(ruining Broadway's hottest bodies since mid-2010) 

Ephraim, Matt, Andy, and Margot.
MATT: I began my BwayBites Berkshire visit with a surprise from Shake Shack at dinner on a two-show day.  Shake Shack often has holiday hot dog specials, and what better place to get a hot dog than New York City (more on Chicago dogs at another time which oddly enough, Shake Shack offers).  This was a Halloween special, and so of course it included one of my very favorite fall flavors, pumpkin.  It was an all-beef hot dog, split, on a toasted wheat bun, with a bacon and cranberry crumble, and last but certainly not least, topped with a pumpkin mustard.  Mustard, in my book, is probably the best of all condiments so to add pumpkin is just sinful in the most positive spin of the word.  Adam, I think I have a new condiment crush….

On our first morning, Andy and I made a delicious breakfast of my easy Huevos Rancheros and his refried beans. Who is as excited as we are to share the very first Broadway Bites recipe?  

  • Any kind of store bought salsa (or you can always make your own)
  • Huevos of course (that's eggs for those of you who don't have Spanish speaking friends)
  • Any kind of Mexican cheese or a similar substitute (get creative)
  • Secret Weapon: Valentina Salsa Picante

Directions: On low heat, melt butter and/or heat olive oil in a non-stick frying pan to make cleaning a breeze.  Next, add just enough salsa to cover the bottom of the pan and gently mix together.  Break as many eggs as needed right into the salsa.  Add a sprinkle of water and cover.  This traps the moisture inside the pan and lightly steams the tops of the eggs for more of an over medium feel.  Want a runnier yolk?  Simply cover for a shorter period of time.  When the eggs are nearly done, sprinkle some of the cheese over the top, cover again until melted, and serve.  If you can find it, spice things up a bit with my favorite Mexican hot sauce, Valentina, table-side.  It's quick and easy, and anyone, I mean anyone, can do it.

ANDY: Matt's eggs were looking pretty lonely. I peered in the cupboard and found whole pinto beans, so I thought, "Great! I'll make refried beans." How did I make them taste great? I first mashed them all up and put them in a skillet pan that had olive oil in it. To add extra flavor I added some chunky salsa and a little bit of chicken broth to loosen them up a bit. Once I had a creamy consistency and the right flavor, I covered them with grated cheddar cheese and raw onions and put it in the broiler until the cheese was golden brown. Eggs and beans, couldn't have made a better pair.


ADAM: Robin's Candy Shop, in the funkily quaint town of Great Barrington, might be heaven on Earth, at least for my inner child who squeaked with excitement the second we walked in. It fulfilled my Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory candy store fantasy. Ya know what I'm talking about, right? The candy store that Charlie walks by and lusts over on his jaunt home from school? Owned by the creepy, prophetic, death-staring candyman? If Charlie Bucket came here, he would blow his wad. In fact, he'd forget all about Wonka and that stupid contest. He'd stuff himself silly on Robin's World's Largest gummy bear (a two handed affair), or huge selection of licorice candies, or a rainbow of M&Ms, or a 9lb Nestle Crunch bar, or even lollipops encasing an insect of your choice. Well, maybe he'd omit that last option. But he'd at least think it was pretty cool. This place is a dreamworld. If you're ever in Great Barrington, do your inner boy or girl a favor and lose yourself in this fantasy land for a little while. Move over Willy Wonka, there's a new candy-lady on the block, and we had a wonderful time meeting her.  Thanks for the Candy-Corn Gummy!
Scenes from The Barrington Brewery.
Boy, that's a Big Broadway Bite, Ephraim!
MATT: On our way back from Great Barrington, we stopped at the Barrington Brewery for a bite to eat and some local craft beer.  We sampled all of the beers made in-house as well as a cider bottled nearby.  I had a tough decision to make, the sausage sampler, complete with Bratwurst, Bauernwurst, and Kielbasa steamed in beer and served with sauerkraut, or the Plowman's Lunch, a gathering of dried sausage, Brie cheese, chutney, apples, and Ale bread.  I went with the latter which filled me up just enough to sustain me through making my Mama's patented Mac n' Cheese. Adam, what did you think of your Turkey Reuben? 

ADAM: I'm on a quest for the perfect Turkey Reuben, and this stop definitely made top ten!

End Act I
To be continued....

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  1. Am impressed at all the eating that got packed into that short holiday. I love huevos rancheros, but didn't know the tip about sprinkling water over before covering - will try that next time I make them. Also, pumpkin mustard, whaaat? Sound so good, have never heard of it, heading to google right now...